ACCDFISA v2.0 Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what ACCDFISA v2.0 Ransomware is?

ACCDFISA v2.0 Ransomware is a malicious application that might cause problems to you if you use the Windows Server OS. Although it primarily targets Windows servers, it is not a milder infection if compared to other crypto-threats for sure. Specialists say that it is even more sophisticated if compared to its predecessor ACCDFISA Ransomware which was first detected back in 2012. According to researchers, the emergence of the new version of this ransomware infection might show that the source code of this threat has been leaked and, consequently, more threats based on its engine might be released in the future, or the author of the original infection has decided to update the threat to be able to obtain even more money from users. It should not work on Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10, but you should be very cautious if Windows Server OS is running on your machine. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do if this infection has made it impossible to access your files and you do not have a backup. Yes, just like a bunch of other ransomware infections analyzed by our malware researchers, this one also tries to obtain money from users by locking their files. These affected files will not be unlocked for you when you delete the ransomware infection, but you must still disable this threat as soon as possible.

Unlike other ransomware infections analyzed by our researchers, ACCDFISA v2.0 Ransomware does not use drive-by or social engineering attacks, as has been observed by specialists. Instead, the attacker installs this threat directly on computers running the Remove Desktop or Terminal Services. As mentioned in the first paragraph, it primarily targets machines with the Windows Server OS running on them. You could remove ACCDFISA v2.0 Ransomware from your computer, but it does not mean that you will never encounter a similar threat again. Our security specialists say that users must use secure RDP credentials to avoid similar infections. On top of that, they should install security software on their computers. Finally, and most importantly, they must do periodic updates of their personal data so that they would not lose it in case harmful malware ever slithers onto their computers again.

It is impossible not to notice the entrance of ACCDFISA v2.0 Ransomware. If it ever infiltrates your computer, you could no longer access your files. These files it affects are converted to password-protected .rar archives, and then they get .exe appended to them. For instance, test.txt will become test.txt(!! to decrypt email id <id> to <Email> !!).exe after the ACCDFISA v2.0 Ransomware entrance. Also, the ransomware infection deletes original files so that users could not easily restore them. This infection will not only lock your files, but it will also place a screen-locking window on your screen thus making it impossible to perform ordinary activities. This screen is the ransom note of ACCDFISA v2.0 Ransomware. It, first, tells users that their files have been encrypted and access to the computer is limited, and then informs them that “our minimal price for your files is 300$ USD.” This proves that it is one of those ransomware infections seeking to extract money from users. If you decide not to transfer the required money, there might be no other way to unlock your files, but you should know that you also have no guarantees that you could get your files back when you make a payment.

Most likely, you will find the ACCDFISA v2.0 Ransomware removal quite a challenging procedure because this infection not only has a bunch of different components, but also locks the computer completely by placing the ransom note on Desktop. Our instructions should help you to disable this threat, so take action today immediately after you finish reading this article. Before you go to delete malicious components of this threat, you will need to unlock your screen by killing the malicious process. If you find this ineffective, you will need to start your Windows in Safe Mode.

How to delete ACCDFISA v2.0 Ransomware

  1. Open Task Manager (press Ctrl+Shift+Esc).
  2. Under Processes, locate the malicious process and kill it to close the window of ACCDFISA v2.0 Ransomware.
  3. Close Task Manager and open Explorer by pressing Win+E.
  4. Check all files in C:\, C:\ProgramData, and C:\Windows\System32.
  5. Delete all suspicious files.
  6. Check your Desktop and erase all files you find suspicious too.
  7. Scan your computer with an automated scanner to make sure you have fully erased the ransomware infection from your system.

In non-techie terms:

ACCDFISA v2.0 Ransomware is a harmful infection targeting Windows servers primarily. Even though it has been developed recently, it does not differ much from older threats because it also locks users’ files and then demands a ransom from them. Do not pay a cent to cyber criminals because there are no guarantees that your files will be unlocked when you make a payment. Instead, you should focus on the ACCDFISA v2.0 Ransomware removal. You are not allowed to keep it on your system no matter you pay the required money to crooks or not.