Abebot Removal Guide

Do you know what Abebot is?

We have discovered Abebot to be a backdoor Trojan infection that may lower your internet security settings. Abebot is known to be used by fake anti-spyware programs for the content of the fake reports they may display.

Do you ever get a message like this?

File: C:\WINDOWS\wml.exe
Click here to visit PC-Antispyware web site."

The message above is usually generated by fake anti-spyware programs using Abebot as a parasite that it scanned for. This is a complete scam and poor attempt by Abebot to get you to click on the massage. Clicking on this message may redirect you to a malicious website that promotes rogue applications.

In non-techie terms: Abebot is a serious threat in the way that it degrades the security of your system. Computer users should not download or purchase any software that is related to Abebot and it's fake messages. It is recommended that you remove the Abebot infection as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your system.

Aliases: Abebot, Abebot.Trojan, Backdoor.Abebot

Abebot performs many malicious activities making it a very dangerous infection to have. Abebot will go as far as to block many security websites so it is difficult for you to find a solution to the Abebot infection. Below is a list of security websites that Abebot may block access too:

(source: Symantec.com)

Abebot will attempt to lower the internet security settings by ending the following security related processes:

(source: Symantec.com)

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  • sherrie

    I am a cluless 53 yr old mother trying to help her daughter get rid of Abebot on her laptop.
    I am working on it now, wish me luck!

    Thank you for your time and knowledge and efforts to help!

    Sincerely, Sherrie