521news.com Removal Guide

Do you know what 521news.com is?

If you have noticed that your search queries are redirected to 521news.com, then this browser hijacker has sneaked onto your computer. Its presence is more visible if your default homepage is changed to s3.amazonaws.com/amazo/RNND/sCH8nO.html. You have probably landed on our site seeking more information on this infection. Then you have made a good decision as you will not only learn more about 521news.com but will also find out how to remove it.

Most likely, you could be infected with this browser hijacker if you live somewhere in the Middle East: Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, etc. According to our research team, the program is a part of the Vonteera adware application that is constantly attacking users living in the above mentioned region. We will focus on the elimination of 521news.com in our article, but it is also recommended to get rid of Vonteera as well. The latter program could restore the browser hijacker on your system even if the latter was removed manually.521news.com Removal Guide521news.com screenshot
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The second thing we want to share with you is how the browser hijacker acts. Every time you decide to look for something on the Web, your search queries could be redirected to search.ask.com, Trickyquestion.com, and even sometimes to google.com. Please note that it does not matter which browser you use, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer, as the hijacker affects all of them. Of course, you also can find yourself redirected to 521news.com, and in such cases you will encounter banner ads. They are irritating, and, what’s more, could lead to untrustworthy pages. By visiting them you will enter an unknown territory, and this could lead even to the loss of your personal data. So, the browser hijacker may act as a reliable search engine, but there is no need to gamble by giving it a try.

521news.com changes the target line of the browser it has affected. So, to remove the browser hijacker manually, you will have to restore the target line. However, our research team has found that there are cases when 521news.com comes as a payload of a Trojan. It is necessary to scan your system for a presence of any malicious software before any potential harm is done. It is better to do that using a reliable antimalware tool. For our part, we can recommend you SpyHunter, which proved to be a successful defender against all kinds of intruders. If you want to learn more about the program, or you have encountered a problem while eliminating 521news.com from your system, do not hesitate and post your comment or question below.

How to remove 521news.com

  1. Find the icon of the affected browser on the desktop.
  2. Right-click on it.
  3. Go to Properties and then to Shortcut.
  4. Go to the Target line and clear it from the webpage related to 521news.com.
  5. Click OK.

In non-techie terms:

521news.com is a browser hijacker that mostly attacks users living in the Middle East region. It changes your homepage and redirects your search queries to other search engines, including Trickyquestion.com and search.ask.com. The hijacker also could track your Internet browsing activity and display banner advertisements promoting unreliable sites. We recommend that you remove this infection and check your system for the presence of other security threats.