How to Back Up Your Computer

Everyone has been surprised by a computer crash and has lost all data. Even though you try to prevent this from happening, there is no powerful way to protect you. However, there is a way that ensures your files' safety. Your computer can crash, or be infected by viruses, but if you have a backup of your files or some files, you will still have access to your information.

To backup your data can be a simple task. First decide what files you're going to back up and where, then follow the steps in this article.

Regardless of what version of Windows you use, you can:

  1. Right-click and then Copy the file or folder you're interested in saving.
  2. In My Computer, right-click the hard drive where you'll store your backup copy, and then click Paste.

If you use Windows XP Professional, use the built-in Backup utility.

  1. Click Start, point to All Programs, then, to Accessories, and finally to System Tools.
  2. Click Backup.

If you've never used the Backup utility, the first screen you will see is the Backup or Restore Wizard welcome window. Click Next and follow the instructions on the wizard.

If you use Windows XP Home Edition, add the Backup utility.

  1. Insert your Windows XP CD into the drive and double-click the CD icon in My Computer to display the Welcome screen.
  2. Click Perform Additional Tasks, and then Click Browse this CD.
  3. In Windows Explorer, double-click the ValueAdd folder, then Msft, and then Ntbackup to install the Backup utility.

Windows Live OneCare is a service from Microsoft that helps protect your machine and provides a built-in backup tool. The service is currently in beta and is free to try.