XP Security 2012 Removal Guide

Do you know what XP Security 2012 is?

XP Security 2012 is just one of the names for a humongous rogue antispyware application. Just as the title suggests, XP Security 2012 is intended for the users of Windows XP operating system. It is a new version of XP Security 2011. It means that the new rogue employs the very same tactics in achieving its goals as its predecessor. Namely – pretending to be a reliable security program, lying to the user that he has been infected with serious threats and hindering the overall system performance in order to remain in the computer for as long as possible.

The rogue can be caught by many various ways. The quick spread of the XP Security 2012’s infection can be accredited to the wide rogue redistribution network which includes spam email messages, spam blog comments, fake online malware scanners, flash advertisements, browser hijackers – you name it. The hackers also utilize the so-called “blackhat SEO” technique, when they make use of the most popular search keywords in their site to attract more user traffic. The user gets infected by XP Security 2012 unawares just by clicking on the link to the site.

XP Security 2012 is well-equipped in pretending to be a reliable security program. When it is installed in the system, it feigns being a legitimate upgrade for the Windows security tools, and the more gullible user is bound to believe it is true, because XP Security 2012’s interface corresponds to the overall operating system design and it even copies the Windows XP’s logo, to look more presentable. However, at the top right corner of the rogue’s screen you can see the “Registration” button and that is the main reason why XP Security 2012 is in your computer.

This rogue has been created to steal your money and it does so by coaxing you into registering the full version of the program, because only the full version of XP Security 2012 can protect you against numerous computer threats. Naturally, registering includes purchasing the worthless program, and the purchasing requires you to reveal your name, address, credit card number and expiration date to third parties. This information can and will be used later on to perform illegal operations, after which you will lose all of your money. Prevent this from happening and remove XP Security 2012 from your computer at once. The most efficient way to do it is by acquiring a trustworthy malware removal tool, which can destroy the rogue automatically for you.

In non-techie terms:

XP Security 2012 is a fake antivirus program which harms your computer’s system, and wants to steal your hard-earned money. In order to save your system from ultimate crash and protect your bank account, you need to erase XP Security 2012 this very instance.

Aliases: XP Security.