WinSpywareProtect or WinSpywareProtect 5.1 Removal Guide

Do you know what WinSpywareProtect is?

WinSpywareProtect is a rogue anti-spyware program that we found to trick computer users into purchasing a potentially dangerous program. WinSpywareProtect strikes us as nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to fake software that takes your money in return for an application that does not live up to its name. WinSpywareProtect does not protect you against spyware nor remove spyware. The name WinSpywareProtect is deceiving just like the WinSpywareProtect software that you download and install.

WinSpywareProtect prompts users to purchase the licensed version of WinSpywareProtect through annoying popups and system alert messages. is a website where WinSpywareProtect may come from through a free download. is not a legitimate website to visit. is not even registered to a company. We found out that is registered to a private person which may be a hacker. The payment site for WinSpywareProtect uses which is used by other rogue applications online. We noticed that WinSpywareProtect never gives up with popup messages until WinSpywareProtect and its files are completely removed from your system.

In non-techie terms: WinSpywareProtect cannot be trusted even though it may be resemble the interface of legitimate spyware removal programs. WinSpywareProtect functions similar to other known rogue anti-spyware programs by displaying erroneous scan results. is a website known to promote and sell the WinSpywareProtect program which should be avoided by all computer users. Do not purchase WinSpywareProtect or visit the website under any circumstances.

WinSpywareProtect screen shot:

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    this is very useful guide thanks for this site.

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    tried but this solution cannot work.

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    same - did not work

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    Did not work

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    Smitfraudfix is good stuff. works great.

  • Peter

    smitfraudfix work great

  • CompDoc

    You have to use the tools listed in SAFE MODE. reboot, and jam f8 while doing so. then, in the new menu, load safe mode with networking, and run the tools. OK?

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    Didn't work for me either

  • Carri

    it doesn't say when to empty your recycle bin

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    Thank you so much!!!
    At last the pest has gone!

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    did not work for me (manual or smitfraudfix) - any other suggestions?

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    Thank you very much, this site helped turn my computer into a new one.