WinScan Removal Guide

Do you know what WinScan is?

Whenever you want to improve the condition of your computer the creators of malicious software applications are sure to use it for their own benefit. A fake defragmentation tool WinScan has been sprouted exactly by this kind of situation. It is a type of rogue application, which means it poses as a useful program while in fact WinScan is nothing but a dangerous parasite infection which, if left untreated, can result in ultimate system crash.

Normally defragmentation tools help you to improve the performance of your computer by defragmenting random files. However, WinScan only pretends to perform this useful function. When it is installed in your computer, it performs a fake system scan and then bombards you with notifications that there are definite system errors that you need to fix them. But this is where the problem lies, because there is nothing wrong with your system. WinScan lies directly in your face, so you would get scared and then throw your money out for nothing, hoping that these errors will be fixed.

That is the main feature of these kinds of computer threats, because they pretend to offer their help, but they want you to pay in exchange. This is exactly what happens in WinScan’s case. It only waits for you to give it your credit card number, so that its creators could sweep your bank account out to the very last cent. And if you continue to ignore these messages, WinScan sure does its evil deeds to the fullest by slowing down your computer’s performance until eventually it renders your system virtually uncontrollable. So you have to cut down this infection while it is still not fully rooted in your system. Get yourself a reliable malware removal tool and terminate WinScan at once.

All in all, WinScan is a dangerous malicious application which walks down the path of a well-known practice when innocent computer users are tricked into spending their money for nothing. Don’t be one of them. Outsmart the cyber criminals behind this fraud and remove WinScan from your computer as soon as you can.

In non techie terms:

WinScan is a fake defragmentation tool, which pretends to perform a useful function. But quite the opposite of what it might promise you, this alarming computer threat only wants to rip you off. Do yourself a favor, invest in a reliable security tool and then delete WinScan from your system.

Aliases: Win Scan.