Windows Universal Tool Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Universal Tool is?

Should you find your PC infected with the now infamously notorious Windows Universal Tool you have justifiable cause for concern. This rogue defragmenter finds its roots in the same family as the much hated Windows Utility Tool. Gauging simply from the company it keeps it’s completely un speculative to see why the need to destroy Windows Universal Tool permeates any other priority on your system. Although it will do everything in its power to convince prospective victims of its legitimacy, users are urged to use their discretion when dealing with this harmful rogue and never to pay for any Windows Universal Tool product.

Windows Universal Tool is spread by use of seditious Trojans. These Trojan horse infections are distributed through a complex labyrinth of tactics employed by Windows Universal Tool. These include browser hijacking web domains which take control of users’ PCs in an effort to forcefully infect them with Windows Universal Tool Trojans. What’s more, Windows Universal Tool enters the system surreptitiously and will remain hidden from the user until such time it deems it appropriate to reveal itself and start the assault on the system.

This rogue has been known to use various techniques to scare and force consumers into paying for its worthless software. Windows Universal Tool will not allow the PC owner access to his Desktop and will deny him the ability to launch any executables on his system. Distressing as these symptoms are, there is hope. Follow these instructions to take back control of your PC:

  1. Once presented with the Windows Universal Tool startup screen, you will not be able to access your Desktop. Start the Windows Universal Tool system scan by pressing OK
  2. While the scan is running, click on the bottom left Microsoft link
  3. Once the browser opens, close it again by clicking on the Red X at the top right of the screen
  4. You should now be able to close the Windows Universal Tool startup screen and access the Desktop again

Your ability to run programs and connect to the Internet should now all be restored. However, until you obliterate Windows Universal Tool from the system you may still be subjected to various fake security alerts while trying to launch executables. It’s worth noting that you should persevere in trying to launch a program you’re having difficulty with as you will eventually succeed.

In order to minimize the destruction Windows Universal Tool will be responsible for on your PC, eliminate Windows Universal Tool as soon as possible. The less time you allow this insidious rogue access and control to your PC the more chance you’ll have of salvaging your system. Obliterate Windows Universal Tool by making use of a genuine security tool.

In non techie terms:

Windows Universal Tool is a fake and seditious rogue defragmenter. It will destroy your PC if you do not remove Windows Universal Tool in time. Do not allow this insidious rogue to take control of your valuable system.

Aliases: WindowsUniversalTool, WindowsUniversal Tool, Windows UniversalTool.