Windows Safemode Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Safemode is?

Windows Safemode comes along with beautiful promises of ridding your computer of any possible hard drive errors. The problem with this beautiful future, however, is that Windows Safemode is nothing, but a fake application which by no means can do anything good to your system. Quite the opposite – this rogue will damage your system and slow down your computer to the point it might seem no longer operating. These will be the consequences of this fake defragmenter infection if you allow it to entrench in your computer.

This fake defragmenter tool is a direct clone of such rogue applications as Windows Diagnostic, Windows Tool and alike. It uses the same distribution system as Windows Safemode arrives at your doorstep together with a Trojan infection and stealthily entrenches in your system. When it is installed in your computer, the rogue will try to act like a real defragmenter tool, starting from its presentable appearance to the long list of fake security notifications. The rogue does everything to make you believe you have numerous errors in your computer and simply MUST use Windows Safemode to fix them.

However, trusting the rogue’s promises might result in an ultimate computer doom, and you surely don’t want that. You must understand that Windows Safemode cannot fix any problems. What is more, these problems that you are informed about most probably don’t even exist. Windows Safemode spams you with these notifications so you would open your wallet and give your credit card number away to purchase the license for the full version of Windows Safemode. Needless to say, that with your credit card information exposed the criminals behind this rogue will be able to tap into your bank account. While Windows Safemode will remain in your computer crippling it further.

Rather then listening to this malicious application, “activate” Windows Safemode on your computer using this activation key:


The “activation” will allow you to terminate the program easier. You need to acquire a genuine security tool and destroy Windows Safemoe for good before it destroyed your computer.

In non techie terms:

Windows Safemode is a rogue defragmenter tool, which pretends to be a useful program. In reality it is nothing but a computer security threat and it will ruin your system if you do nothing about it, at the same time targeting your hard-earned money. Outsmart the criminals behind this scam and erase Windows Safemode from your computer as soon as possible.

Aliases: WindowsSafemode.