Windows Process Director Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Process Director is?

Windows Process Director is the newest addition to the fake antivirus software family of such rogues as Windows Software Keeper. It will imitate a legitimate antispyware tool and will pretend to offer you best security options in the market. Do not be fooled by Windows Process Director and its cunning scheme! The only purpose this malicious rogue has is to profit from a maximum number of PC users, and you can easily become one of them! Most importantly, do not immerse into the fraud, and think that paying any money will be an easy solution. If you decide to disclose your personal data, it will be collected by hijackers and third parties, and will become available to serve in further schemes! The only way out is removing Windows Process Director and its infectious files!

The creators of Windows Process Director, Windows Software Keeper and other family clones, could make a lot of money from controlling your banking details. However, their biggest profit comes from careless PC users, who decide to pay money for something they will never be able to use! If you prompt the installation of the Windows Process Director rogue by opening a spam email attachment, or using another infectious link created by the hijackers, Windows Process Director will become active and the scheme will start. It will then scan your computer for FREE and warn you with a considerably high number of infections running inside your Windows system, in order to gain your trust. Various pop-ups, alerts and warning messages will keep reappearing in your screen to force you to believe the authenticity of Windows Process Director and its fake service. Besides the intimidation, the rogue will offer you to buy its full version product that will clean your PC from existing threats. Do not fall for this cunning trick and avoid any malicious recommendations! In fact, if you pay money for this useless program, the problem will not disappear, and the symptoms (bogus notifications) will reappear shortly!

In non-techie terms:

Windows Process Director is a cunning rogue antispyware program that will try to extract as much money from you as possible. Do not follow any of its recommendations or alerts, as this information is completely fake and will not do any good for your system. It is best you invest your money into an effective security guard and protect your Windows system from any further infections! Even though using a legitimate antispyware at all times is essential, it is also possible to get rid of Windows Process Director manually. Warning! Only experienced Windows users, who know how to remove infections, should attack this difficult task!

Aliases: WindowsProcessDirector.