Windows Problems Protector Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Problems Protector is?

When looking for a security tool to protect your PC from known and unknown threats steer well clear of Windows Problems Protector. The damage Windows Problems Protector will be responsible for to your system is potentially permanent and not worth the hassle. Windows Problems Protector, which forms part of the well known and much despised Fake Microsoft Security Essentials infection, was not designed to offer any type of benefit to its victims and cannot detect or remove any type of threat from the system. The developers behind Windows Problems Protector are only after your hard earned money, while offering nothing of value in return.

Windows Problems Protector enters the system slyly and will remain dormant until such time it decides to lodge its attack on the system. Browser hijackers and fake online malware scanners are largely responsible for spreading Windows Problems Protector’s Trojans and malware. Windows Problems Protector has also been known to bundle its malware with legitimate security updates and other downloads obtained from third party websites.

The first inclination that the PC owner will have of the presence of Windows Problems Protector on his system will be when he is bombarded by various fake security alerts. These false security notifications were created in an effort to create panic in the user and make him believe that his system has been compromised. Once Windows Problems Protector succeeds at this, it is quite easy for them to get the user to part with his money. Do not believe any correspondence received from Windows Problems Protector, and treat it all as extremely suspicious.

Users who did not delete Windows Problems Protector in time complained about being unable to establish an Internet connection and not being able to launch any type of program. This is done by Windows Problems Protector in an effort to prevent the PC owner from running or downloading a program which will be able to detect it and annihilate Windows Problems Protector from the system.

In order to circumvent the damage Windows Problems Protector will surely cause to your PC, do not allow it to run wild on your system any longer. Destroy Windows Problems Protector immediately and take back control of what is rightfully yours.

In non techie terms:

Windows Problems Protector is a fake security application guising as a genuine tool. Do not fall for this tomfoolery and get rid of Windows Problems Protector while there is still time.

Aliases: WindowsProblemsProtector, WindowsProblems Protector, Windows ProblemsProtector.