Windows Passport Utility Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Passport Utility is?

It does not take much to look up the ways how to protect yourself from rogue antispyware, but seemingly not everyone does that, because more and more people are being infected by Windows Passport Utility. It is the hottest fake security application currently crippling numerous computers worldwide. It masquerades as a reliable application with intention to swindle you out of your money, and the fraud mechanism starts working long before the rogue entrenches in your system. As the rogue gets distributed through fake online malware scanners, the sites are trying instill that you are definitely infected and you simply must download Windows Passport Utility to perform the full system scan, checking for other serious errors. Naturally, there is no ground whatsoever for these persuasions and such claims are nothing but blatant lies. By no means should you ever download anything that is suggested by a fake online scanner, but if you have, then prepare to meet Windows Passport Utility head on. When Windows Passport Utility enters your computer it plans to stay. This rogue constantly sends you fake security notifications and tries to make you buy the license for the full version of this malicious program.

In non techie terms:

Keep your credit card information to yourself and acquire a good security tool to delete Windows Passport Utility once and for all, because leaving this rogue in your system can result in a number of severe consequences.

Aliases: WindowsPassportUtility.