Windows Internet Booster Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Internet Booster is?

Windows Internet Booster is a clone of such malware as Windows Recovery Series, Windows Premium Guard etc. This rogue belongs to the Rogue.VirusDoctor family, and it is known as a counterfeit application that was created to trick people into paying money for a fake full version which removes “threats”. As this application does not protect the system, it should be removed as soon as possible.

Windows Internet Booster provides users with misleading information which makes them think that they are in serious trouble. The rogue displays a list of imaginary threats after simulated system’s scans. The threats might exist in reality, but if they are presented by Windows Internet Booster, the only threat is the rogue itself. You should not try to remove those infections manually, because any changes in the system made by an inexperienced user might cause serious damage. You should ignore those threats as well as the pop-ups that appear in Task Bar. Please find some examples of how Windows Internet Booster might scare you:

Software without a digital signature detected. Your system files are at risk. We strongly advise you to activate your protection.

Attempt to run a potentially dangerous script detected. Full system scan is highly recommended.

Do not worry if you notice some changes in the system’s functioning, because Windows Internet Booster wants you to lose your mind and make a purchase of its bogus full version. You will notice that you cannot access the Internet or launch some executes which detect and remove infections. Task Manager, which is necessary to view the processed of the system, will be blocked so that you cannot see which Windows Internet Booster’s executes are running, not to mention the Registry Editor which you cannot access.

As we do not recommend purchasing the bogus full version of Windows Internet Booster because it is an issue that is unworthy of consideration, you might start wondering whether there is a way to delete Windows Internet Booster and resolve the problem. Windows Internet Booster can be removed by deleting all the components of the infection either manually or automatically. It does not matter which way you choose; you might approve of terminating the fake notifications and restoring the processed that are lost. An activation code will “pacify” Windows Internet Booster, and you could remove it manually.


Note that the manual removal of Windows Internet Booster should not be performed carelessly. If only some of the files of Windows Internet Booster are removed, the infection is still present. In this case, automatic removal is the best option. Therefore, you should acquire a certified antispyware program which can effectively delete Windows Internet Booster from the system.

In non-techie terms:

Delete Windows Internet Booster because it is a simulated program that pretends to run imaginary system’s scans. The aim of the malware is to swindle the Windows users out of their money and get an access to their bank accounts.

Aliases: WindowsInternetBooster.