Windows 7 Restore Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows 7 Restore is?

Windows 7 Restore is a rogue antispyware application which has been created in order to rip unsuspecting users off. It pretends to be a system analysis and optimization program, able to improve the overall performance of your computer. However, that is far from truth, because this program only hinders your system’s performances. Windows 7 Restore is a close of Windows 7 Recovery, and it comes equipped with the same techniques and methods as its predecessor. Therefore, it is necessary to terminate Windows 7 Restore the moment the infection is apparent.

The rogue enters the targeted computer without the user’s permission. Most of the time, the user isn’t even aware of the wrongdoing, because Windows 7 Restore does it in stealth. The rogue has a wide distribution network and it can be delivered via spam email, browser hijackers and fake online malware scanners, which basically means that the user has to be very careful while browsing the Internet, because even the sites that he knows well enough might be carrying a link to an infected webpage.

One click on that infected link is enough to get you infected with Windows 7 Restore. Once the program is downloaded and installed, it configures the affected system so that the rogue would be able to load every single time the user boots up his Windows. So if you turn on your computer and you are infected with Windows 7 Restore, you are bound to see the rogue’s screen spring into action and perform a fake system scan. After the scan the user is informed that there are multiple errors in his computer and he simply must use Windows 7 Restore to wipe them all out.

If that weren’t enough Windows 7 Restore also sends a lot of fraudulent security notifications to the user, and these messages should be ignored point blank, because they are obviously fake. The lack of logic in the messages manifests itself in a way that the messages are informing the user about the missing hard drive or critical RAM memory failure. The thing is that, if these errors really occurred in the system, the user would not be able to operate his computer at all. Plus, the operating system itself would inform the user about low virtual memory. That is not Windows 7 Restore’s job to do.

Everything that Windows 7 Restore does is aimed towards convincing the user that he must buy the full version of the program, because there is no other way out of these problems. However, it is detrimental to purchase this program, so it is the best to erase Windows 7 Restore from your computer as soon as possible.

In non-techie terms:

Windows 7 Restore is rogue antispyware which looks like a legitimate security program, but it is created to swindle unsuspecting users out of their money. Prevent this from happening by investing in a good antispyware tool and removing Windows 7 Restore from your system for good.

Aliases: Windows7Restore.