Webcry Removal Guide

Do you know what Webcry is?

Webcry is a search engine hijacker that redirects your web browser when a search engine results are clicked on a search engines web site such as Yahoo or Google. Webcry is loaded onto your system through a Trojan or a downloaded video codec.

Webcry may redirect a user to a blank web page or an ad may appear with Webcry in the address field. The Trojan that loads Webcry may redirect users to websites like Webcry.com that advertise rogue anti-spyware programs.

In non-techie terms: Web page redirection happens a lot with every day online surfing. A redirection from one site to another simply means you clicked on a specific web address but a different one automatically loads on your web browser. Some redirects are okay and some are the result of being infected with a hijacker such as Webcry. It is up to each user to verify the site that you are purposely visiting. Any user can verify this by paying close attention to the web address listed in the URL or web address field. It is also a benefit to pay close attention to commonly misspelled web address.

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  • pete

    webcry can definetly become a huge nightmare. every time i googled something it redirected me to webcry.com or some other crazy spyware site. smitfraudfix worked for me. follow instructions carefully to get it right.

  • James

    Thank you, thank you.... smitfraudfix worked for me.

  • Samantha

    Very glad I found you guys. My brother had somehow ruined the computer, every time I tried searching for something, it redirected me to some dubious websites. Mission impossible accomplished! lol PC is clean. Thx a lot.

    sam. :-)

  • Scott

    I tried this a couple of times and did not work. i did everything but when I got to step 11::\Documents and Settings\[LISTED USER]\Local Settings\Temp, I don't have a local settings\temp folder. I restart and everything is the same