Vista Security 2012 Removal Guide

Do you know what Vista Security 2012 is?

There is a big group of rogues, which change their names depending which operating system the targeted computer is running on. Vista Security 2012 is one of these rogues and it is obviously the version which intends to trick Windows Vista users into believing that this rogue antispyware is a legitimate security product. Vista Security 2012 is trying to do so in order to establish itself as reliable program which consequently would persuade the user to purchase the full version of it. Naturally, the purchase would lead to nothing else but a theft, and eventually the user who trusted Vista Security 2012 will be left without his money.

Vista Security 2012 can enter the system in a few ways, because such rogues have a rather wide distribution system. Most of the time it utilizes fake online malware scanners to reach the users worldwide. For example, a user might be browsing a site which has a lot of flashing advertisements and one of them might have a text saying that a virus has been detected in the computer and the user must click on the ad for more details. If the user clicks on it, he is redirected to an infected website and the Vista Security 2012 download might be programmed to start automatically without the user’s knowledge or consent.

When this rogue is installed and ready to go, it performs a fake system scan, and then informs the user that his computer is infected with multiple viruses. If the user checks the names of the malware in the list online, he will see that most of the worms and other threats from Vista Security 2012’s list have been detected almost ten years ago. Along with the fake results of the total system scan, Vista Security 2012 also keeps on sending the user a load of fraudulent security notifications, saying that the privacy of the user is being breached, and the private data can be stolen by third parties.

The most ironic thing is that Vista Security 2012 is warning the user about the things it does itself. Damaging the computer’s system is only one of the plans in the rogue’s agenda. By urging the user to pay for the full version of the program, Vista Security 2012 hopes to extract his confidential data, including credit card number, its expiration date and the CVV2. With this information in their hands, the creators of Vista Security 2012 can perform a lot of illegal operations, and in the end leave the user absolutely broke. That is why the user must remove Vista Security 2012 from his computer immediately.

In non-techie terms:

Vista Security 2012 is a fake antivirus program, which makes the user think that his computer is infected with multiple viruses and asks to pay for the activation of the program, so it could remove those threats. However, the only thing that the user must erase is Vista Security 2012. Invest in a good security tool to terminate the rogue immediately.

Aliases: Vista Security.