Virus Ministère de L’intérieur Removal Guide

Do you know what Ministère de L’intérieur virus is?

Different sources may give you a different answer to this question, but in reality Virus Ministère de L’intérieur is a ransomware infection which affects unprotected Windows systems. The disruptive application travels through the security backdoors exposed by the Reveton Trojan, this means that you have two dangerous programs you need to remove from your PC. Needless to say, this is not an easy task, and if you continue reading – you will find information necessary for successful Virus Ministère de L’intérieur removal.

Does Ministère de L’intérieur virus seem familiar? This is because this infection looks and acts just like GVU Virus, Gendarmerie Nationale Virus and other Reveton Trojan ransomware infections. All infections from this faction are represented with bogus video recording, illegally attached credentials and fictitious accusations, which are displayed on a bogus alert covering the screen and blocking access to the PC. Despite seemingly reliable representation, you should not believe fictitious accusations of pornography distribution or terrorist spam email creation. If you fall for the scam, you could be convinced to follow these misleading instructions:

Votre ordinateur a été bloqué!
Pour Débloquer votre ordinateur et éviter l’action pénale, vous devez faire un paiement d’un montant de 100 Euro. […] Votre ordinateur sera débloqué après la paiement de l’amende.

There is no doubt you should not waste your money because your PC is locked illegally! The only way to regain control over your operating Windows system is by having Virus Ministère de L’intérieur deleted, and the instructions below will help you achieve it quickly and successfully. Note that two removal guides are appointed accordingly to the Windows system you are running.

Removal for Windows Vista/7:

  1. Begin by restarting the computer.
  2. Once BIOS loads up – start tapping the F8 key.
  3. Using arrow keys select Safe Mode with Networking.
  4. Hit Enter.
  5. Visit .
  6. Follow on-screen instructions to download and install SpyHunter. This tool will delete Ministère de L’intérieur virus quickly and reliably.

Removal for Windows XP:

  1. Since the beginning of the process is the same, go back to the removal instructions appointed for Windows Vista/7 users and repeat steps 1-4.
  2. Click Yes when “Desktop” alert shows up.
  3. Open the Start menu, launch RUN, type in “msconfig” and click OK.
  4. In System Configuration Utility click on the Startup tab.
  5. Hit Disable All and click Apply.
  6. Download SpyHunter and, after restarting the PC, install it to remove the virus.

In non-techie terms:

Virus Ministère de L’intérieur is a ransomware virus which may be used to trick you into thinking that the French authorities have spied on you and detected illegal activity performed from your computer. This is not true and you should treat the computer lock-down and fine demands as illegal. The removal of the virus is unavoidable and you should perform it as soon as possible.

Aliases: L’intérieur virus.