TrustedAntivirus Removal Guide

Do you know what TrustedAntivirus is?

TrustedAntivirus is fraudulent anti-virus program that usually installs from a malicious Trojan or other malware. TrustedAntivirus loads at windows startup and may be difficult to remove complete from an infected system. TrustedAntivirus will attempt to prompt users to purchase a full version of the TrustedAntivirus program. TrustedAntivirus is nothing more than a bogus program that masks itself as a virus removal tool. TrustedAntivirus is associated with the WinFixer program which is also a malicious program that does harm to users computers. TrustedAntivirus cannot be trusted despite it's name.

In non-techie terms: Computer users should not trust TrustedAntivirus or any programs related to TrustedAntivirus. TrustedAntivirus is nothing more than a malicious program designed by hackers to use illicit tactics to extort money from you. Do not under any circumstances download, purchase or install TrustedAntivirus or any other programs associated with TrustedAntivirus.

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