Trojan.win32.ZlobDldr Removal Guide and Information

Do you know what Trojan.win32.ZlobDldr is?

Trojan.win32.ZlobDldr is a Trojan infection message that promotes fake security programs. Trojan.win32.ZlobDldr is part of the infamous Zlob Trojan which is known for installing various rogue anti-spyware programs. This type of infection has the ability to damage your system if it is not removed. The Trojan.win32.ZlobDldr warning message was discovered to be associated with Smart Antivirus 2009 which is a fake anti-spyware program.

The Trojan.win32.ZlobDldr message reads:

"SmartAntivirus TrayMonotor
Trojan.win32.ZlobDldr deleted, This Trojan Allows attackers
To access your computer from remote locations, stealing
passwords, Internet banking and personal data. This process
is a security risk and should be removed from your system."

Notice the misspellings? That is a common issue among fake warning messages that promote fake anti-spyware applications.

In non-techie terms: Trojan.win32.ZlobDldr Trojan infection message is displayed as a scare tactic from your system tray warning you of a Trojan infection while promoting the Smart Antivirus 2009 program. Trojan.win32.ZlobDldr is a real threat and should be treated just like the dangerous Zlob Trojan. You may be redirected to a website forcing you into purchasing Smart Antivirus 2009 which you should not do.

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