Trace Sweeper Removal Guide

Do you know what Trace Sweeper is?

Trace Sweeper (TraceSweeper) is an extremely dangerous rogue anti-spyware program. Trace Sweeper is known to slow the performance of your computer once it is installed. Usually Trace Sweeper is installed through a Trojan infection such as Zlob or Vundo or the website. Other means of Trace Sweeper being installed is through a security hole in your web browser program.

In non-techie terms: Trace Sweeper, after installed, performs system scans and displays popup messages that usually say that you are infected with some type of parasite. The scan and popup messages are totally bogus and should not be taken to heart. This is a common tactic used by fake anti-spyware programs to get you to purchase a full version of the malicious program. Don't make that mistake, do not purchase Trace Sweeper under any circumstances.

Maybe this program is named Trace Sweeper because it might Sweep away all Traces of your money, do you think?

Aliases: Trace Sweeper, Trace-Sweeper, TraceSweeper,

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