Top Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs of 2007

What are the nastiest rogue anti-spyware programs of 2007?

Through the year of 2007 many computer systems were harmed with some of the worst spyware parasites known to the internet. So what were some of the Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs that topped the list? We have compiled a list of the top Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs of 2007. You may recognize some of the listed Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs listed. Some users have had infections of one or more of the listed Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs below.

The Top Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs of 2007
Listed in alphabetical order

  • AntiVermins - Uses deceiving tactics with ads and popups to get users to purchase a full version of the AntiVermins program.
  • AntiVirGear - A fake anti-spyware program which downloads and installs itself onto your PC without your knowledge or consent. Displays annoying popup advertisements and alerts.
  • ContraVirus - A rogue anti-spyware program that may be installed through a downloaded Trojan.
  • IEDefender - A rogue anti-spyware application with aggressive advertising and scare tactics.
  • Smitfraud - A computer infection that may display false security alerts or popup messages stating that you are infected with a parasite.
  • SpyCrush - Part of a group of rogue anti-spyware programs including Spylocked and VirusBurst. Creates system alerts to get users to purchase a full version of the SpyCrush rogue anti-spyware program.
  • SpyDawn - A bogus anti-spyware program that may be installed on your computer without you knowing about it. Resembles a legitimate spyware removal program's interface.
  • SpyLocked - A well known bogus anti-spyware program that may be installed onto user's computer through a previously downloaded Trojan or codec.
  • SpyShredder - A dangerous corrupt anti-spyware program that hijacks your PC for malicious purposes. It may infect your machine through Trojans and browser security exploits.
  • Trojan.Vundo - A Trojan downloader that generates exaggerated pop-ups on your machine's screen. May install itself through browser security holes in your computer without your approval.
  • UltimateCleaner - A misleading computer security and cleanup application often downloaded and installed by a Trojan. May display excessive advertising while you surf the Web.
  • VirusProtect - A rogue anti-spyware program which downloads and installs itself onto your PC through a Trojan called Zlob. The Zlob Trojan can be found bundled in video codecs used to view video files, especially with adult content.
  • VirusProtectPro - A rogue anti-spyware program that installs itself onto your computer through a Trojan or web security holes. May change your desktop settings, hijack your web browser and redirect you to unwanted web sites.
  • WinAntiVirusPro2007 - A newer version of WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 and related to WinFixer. Also an illegal and corrupt anti-spyware program.

The list of our top rogue anti-spyware parasites comes from a vast array of comprehensible websites discussing spyware topics and the latest computer threats daily. Some of our source websites have been tracking the history of spyware parasites for several years. and are some of the more reliable and notable sources used for our list of Top Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs of 2007.

What is a Rogue Anti-Spyware Program?

A Rogue Anti-Spyware program is a fake program designed to trick a user into believing they have a powerful spyware removal tool with claims to remove a specifically named parasite from a computer. All of the listed Top Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs listed share the common traits of being deceitful and highly dangerous to computer systems. Do not under any circumstances purchase any of the Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs listed.

PC Tip: Even though the list of Top Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs were parasites that ran rampant in the year 2007, it is always a good practice to re-check your computer for any of the Top Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs.

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  • Doug Woodall

    Ive had 1st hand experience helping users with some of these. They are truly evil.
    Great Post!

  • http://null Robert Bowen

    I am OUTRAGED by these rogue anti-spyware programs we ordinary folk are subjected to. We need a monthly list of such rogues as well as a list of good, trusted programs we can use without anxiety. I have been using XoftSpy for years but read tonight that it is amongst the rogues. I was also taken in my Max SpywareDetector. We need help! I am 71 and try to run a clean, virus- and anti-spyware-free PC only to learn, tonight for the first time, of the proliferation of these rogues. Why can't such programs be criminalized? Is there no legal protection for us? How can we best protect ourselves? A list of rogue programs would be a great help to us and I would contribute toward it's compilation and upkeep with pleasure. Thank you for exposing these pigs.

  • Rajesh Mago


    Thanks a lot for giving the tool and detailed instructions of removing IE Antivirus spyware. These cheaters are smart as they choose a name and website related to Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE starting letters in their domain and product) to make them look genuine and related to Microsoft.

    I will try to see from where they have taken the hosting and will make attempts to remove their site by making complaints to the hosting provider. I know that there are lot of cheap hosting providers who will still host this crooked site meant for making money by harassing and cheating the customers, but I will still make efforts.

    Thanks once again, I was able to remove this spyware successfully without any problems.


    Rajesh Mago

  • Kendrick

    Thanks for the highly informative post!