SwiftCleaner Removal Guide

Do you know what SwiftCleaner is?

SwiftCleaner is the latest malicious rogue anti-spyware to hit the internet. SwiftCleaner masquerades as a tool for cleaning your computer. SwiftCleaner may install onto a users system through either the treacherous Zlob.Trojan, fake software, or a virus infection. SwiftCleaner may display system alert messages and popups in an attempt to get users to purchase the full version of SwiftCleaner.

SwiftCleaner is not a reputable cleaning tool for your computer. SwiftCleaner may drastically slow down your system and potentially put your data and privacy at risk. SwiftCleaner cannot be trusted.

In non-techie terms: SwiftCleaner and SwiftCleaner.com were created by hackers to extort money from you. Do not under any circumstances purchase or download SwiftCleaner or any files related to SwiftCleaner. The website SwiftCleaner may look legitimate but it does not offer any type of reputable programs. It is a good practice to avoid the SwiftCleaner.com website and any type of files associated with SwiftCleaner ans SwiftCleaner.com.

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  • Kate

    heyy!! thanks y'all! what's up with all the rogue anti-spyware that have been hitting the web?! got rid of this one for now...