Removal Guide

Do you know what is? is a malicious site that is known to display a generic warning page that has the text "Insecure Internet activity Threat of virus attack". We find this message to be totally bogus and used as a tactic to get you to download and purchase the rogue anti-spyware program Antivirus 2008.

On the home page of it has two links where one redirects you to a screen that looks like a system scan is being performed on your system by Antivirus 2008. The scan is fake and misleading. Do not fall for this scam or better yet, save yourself the aggravation and avoid visiting altogether.

In non-techie terms: Many times computer users are redirected to malicious websites such as because of a Trojan infection or misleading link. If you yourself on the webpage then you should exit it right away. Do not visit voluntarily under any circumstances. website image: fake scan image:

Did you mistakenly download or install Antivirus 2008 from If you did then you may want to utilize the Antivirus 2008 Removal Guide.

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