SpyBro Removal Guide

Do you know what SpyBro is?

SpyBro is a pesky application known to be a rogue anti-spyware program that scams computer users out of money. SpyBro or Spy Bro can be installed through Trojan files, malicious websites or other security exploits found within your computer that you do not know about. SpyBro is not your "Bro" by any means. It is more like the step brother that will steal your inheritance.

In non-techie terms: SpyBro, like other fake anti-spyware programs scans your computer and displays popups enticing you to purchase the full version of the SpyBro program. Don't fall for this. If you want to waste money then send it to me, I will do something useful with it.

Aliases: SpyBro, Spy Bro.

Have you discovered SpyBro on your computer? Do you keep getting popup alerts on your computer?

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