Software Version Updater Removal Guide

Do you know what Software Version Updater is?

Software Version Updater is a program that search and download updates for various program. It is bundled with various toolbar and browser add-ons which display discounts and various offers provided by online shops. Usually, price comparison applications are regarded as potentially unwanted program; as a result, the installer which comes alongside such a program is also regarded as one. If you are not satisfied with, for example, your comparison application and want to remove it from the PC, it is also important to remove Software Version Updater.

The application in question is installed as Updater.exe and it is located in the %LOCALAPPDATA% directory. The process of the updater can be found in the Windows Task Manager. In order for the application to work, the Internet connection is necessary, and whenever the PC boots, Software Version Updater starts running in the background of the system. Software Version Updater has scheduled task, which means that the application to which it belongs is updated regularly.

If you have removed the toolbar or browser add-on which is related to Software Version Updater, the latter still remains within the system. In order to remove it, you can implement a spyware removal tool which will delete the unwanted application and protect the system against future computer infections and the installation of potentially unwanted programs. In case you use SpyHunter, Software Version Updater will be detected as PUP.Software Version Updater.

In non-techie terms:

Software Version Updater is promoted by Amoniteze Ltd, and its function is to download relevant updates to particular applications. It has been detected that Software Version Updater is likely to be bundled with browser add-on or extensions. In order to remove it from the PC, it is advisable to use an anti-spyware program.

Aliases: Software Updater.