Shop with Boost Removal Guide

Do you know what Shop with Boost is?

The appearance of various in-text, interstitial, transitional, and pop-up ads on your screen might indicate that your system is infected with Shop with Boost. It is a suspicious browser add-on that is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers; thus, you will not be able to escape from those annoying ads very easily. Even though the program claims to be able to help you find similar products with a lower price, you should know that there are still more drawbacks related to this application. The researchers of have found out that Shop with Boost is not very harmful itself; however, all these advertisements that it generates might expose you to threats. The removal of Shop with Boost will stop those commercials from appearing; thus, you should definitely not postpone this necessary process.

Even though the publishers of Shop with Boost claim that it is a “safe, easy to use browser app that scours the web to show you the best prices and deals while you shop online”, the truth is that you might still experience some security-related issues because advertisements that Shop with Boost generates might take you to corrupted websites after you click on them. Refrain yourself from clicking on ads if you are eager to protect your system from threats. Of course, ignoring ads is not a solution – you might still click on them accidentally, which is why we recommend that you get rid of the program itself as soon as possible.

If you carefully read the Privacy Policy, you will soon realize that some of the non-personally identifiable information will be collected. Even though the program claims that it is not interested in your name, address, email, and other personal info, it still declares that it is going to record general information about your browser and operating system, IP address, and the like. It is also interested in your search queries, browsing history, etc. What is more, Shop with Boost shares the information with third-party content providers; however, it is not clear how they are going to treat the collected data.

Luckily, you can get rid of Shop with Boost whenever you want to and thus stop all of its undesirable activities including the distribution of ads and the collection of information about your browsing activities. You can complete the removal of Shop with Boost via Control Panel, but you can also scan your system with a reliable security tool, for instance SpyHunter and let it delete all the infections hiding on your system for you.

How to remove Shop with Boost

Windows XP

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click Add or Remove Programs.
  4. Select the software that you wish to remove.
  5. Click the Remove button.

Windows 7 and Vista

  1. Open your browser by clicking on the Start icon.
  2. Select Control Panel from the menu.
  3. Click Uninstall a program.
  4. Right-click on Shop with Boost and then select Uninstall.

Windows 8

  1. Tap the Windows key + R simultaneously.
  2. When RUN launches, type in control panel in the Open box.
  3. Click Ok.
  4. Go to Uninstall a program.
  5. Select the undesirable application.
  6. Click the Uninstall button.

In non-techie terms:

As it is not an easy task to protect the system from various threats, especially adware, which often pretend to be useful programs, you should definitely not forget to keep your antimalware tool enabled 24/7. Of course, make sure that it is reliable prior the installation. What is more, it is very important to download software from decent sources only and then install new programs with a great care. If you follow our advice, you will undoubtedly avoid different kinds of unwanted applications.