Seekmo Removal Guide

Do you know what Seekmo is?

Seekmo, also known as Seekmo Search Assistant, is a browser helper object that pretends to be a legitimate web search assistant. Seekmo is a brave attempt by hackers to make computer users believe that it assists them with performing internet searches. If installed, Seekmo will redirect users to websites that were created by 180Solutions which is known as an adware distributor related to Zango.

Seekmo can be very dangerous in it's activities such as monitoring your internet activity and sending the results to unknown 3rd party servers. Seekmo is a threat to your identity and personal information.

In non-techie terms: Computer users must not trust Seekmo and the search functions that it provides. Seekmo's functions are all malicious in nature and may compromise your personal data and lead to identity theft. Do not download or install Seekmo or any files related to Seekmo.

Aliases: Seekmo, Seekmo Search Assistant

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