SecurityTool (or SecurityTool) Removal Guide

SecurityTool can also be recognised by the name Security Tool and is anything but safe for your computer. SecurityTool is an antispyware application that pretends to be helpful but is in fact harmful and it is a very familiar to Total Security, TotalSecurity, Total Security 2009, TotalSecurity2009, Total Security 4.52. SecurityTool will try to convince you that if you purchase the full version, all your computer problems will be over. This is not true at all as SecurityTool itself is the problem and needs to be removed from your computer properly at any signs of detection. SecurityTool may also generate annoying pop ups and will perform a fake system scan. This system scan will come up with all sorts of false results in order to scare you into buying the full version. Do not believe a word of it and stay away from anything remotely related to SecurityTool.SecurityTool should rather be thought of as DangerScan because that is what it does, creates danger for your computer and your life. Get rid of SecurityTool immediately, and if you are struggling get someone more experienced to help you. It is best to buy a good antispyware removal tool that is update to date and authentic.