SecureDefense Removal Guide

Do you know what SecureDefense is?

Users should never trust rogue antispyware SecureDefense, as it was created simply to fool consumers into buying its bogus security tools. By allowing SecureDefense on your system, you will be exposing your system to even more serious infections and risks.

SecureDefense will do everything in its power to make users believe it is legitimate, and ultimately fleece them out of their money. Once the SecureDefense infection runs rampant on the system, users can expect to be assailed by annoying popup messages informing them of fake system scan results and fictitious infections. Users will be led to believe the only way to get rid of these infections will be to purchase the full version of SecureDefense, when in fact this is not true.

The point of the matter is that PC owners who value to health of their system should completely remove SecureDefense without delay.

In non techie terms:

Users should never trust SecureDefense or any of its touted applications. The only way to get rid of this infection is to use reliable antispyware software to perform a thorough system scan.

Aliases: Secure Defense.