SearchandDestroy or Removal Guide

Do you know what SearchandDestroy is?

SearchandDestroy is known as a misleading application that pretends to remove spyware and adware. SearchandDestroy comes from the website which is a deceptive website promoting rogue anti-spyware software. SearchandDestroy performs scans on users computers displaying erroneous scan results making users believe that they are infected with adware and spyware parasites.

SearchandDestroy prompts users to purchase a full licensed version of the SearchandDestroy program if they wish to remove the bogus threats that it found. This is where SearchandDestroy will literally search and destroy your hard earned money once you purchase this useless program.

In non-techie terms: SearchandDestroy is not affiliated with SpyBot Search & Destroy despite that SearchandDestroy closely resembles the name of SpyBot Search & Destroy. SearchandDestroy is not a legitimate spyware removal tool. Users must avoid the use of SearchandDestroy and the website at all costs. Do not under any circumstances purchase SearchandDestroy or visit the website.

Aliases: SearchandDestroy, Search and Destroy, Search-and-Destroy,

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