SafeHardDrive Removal Guide

Do you know what SafeHardDrive is?

SafeHardDrive is a malicious application that masks as a pc optimization tool. SafeHardDrive displays exaggerated scan reports of your system which we found to be a trick to get computer users to purchase a full licensed version of SafeHardDrive.

SafeHardDrive may degrade the performance of your system and create an unsafe environment for your personal information by changing your browser settings. SafeHardDrive is a contradicting name that may leave your hard drive un-safe.

In non-techie terms: SafeHardDrive is similar to other rogue applications in the way that it conducts illicit tactics to extort money from you. SafeHardDrive cannot be trusted and should be removed immediately. Do not under any circumstances purchase or download SafeHardDrive.

Aliases: SafeHardDrive,, Safe Hard Drive

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