Safeguard 2009 Removal Guide

Do you know what SafeGuard 2009 is?

Safeguard 2009 is an outrageous anti-spyware program that some may mistakenly believe that it is able to remove spyware or malware from their computer. Safeguard 2009 is a loser when it comes to being able to detect or remove spyware. Safeguard 2009 uses many methods to get users to purchase the full version through popups and fake system scans that you must not fall for.

Safeguard 2009 may come from the infamous Zlob Trojan where it can be installed automatically and start running system scans without your permission. Safeguard 2009 is not related to any antispyware program that actually is known for removing and detecting spyware.

In non-techie terms:
Safeguard 2009 should never be used on your system for any reason. If you find that you have Safeguard 2009 installed on your computer then you must avoid the temptation of purchasing the full version. Do not under any conditions download, install or purchase Safeguard 2009.

Aliases: Safeguard 2009, Safe guard 2009, Safeguard2009.