Rogue Security Software Spread Through Windows Messenger Net Send

Fake Security Software Spread Through Porn and Viagra Ads On the Net Send Messenger Service

Ron Cooke was recently accused of sending popup ads to computer users through the Windows Messenger Net Send service. The popups and ads that were sent advertised several rogue anti-spyware programs that Ron Cooke sold to users on the internet. Many of the rogue programs are well known fake anti-spyware software such as WinAntiSpyware, WinAntiVirus Pro 2007, and System Doctor.

Reports have found that his software caused the infected computers to send additional spam messages via the Net Send service further spreading the rogue software. The messages promoted ads for Viagra and porn onto other computers every two seconds. The security vendor Sophos said that the victims of this scam did not have to actually surf the web, they only had to be connected to the internet.

The scam that Cooke was running is typical to other scams that hackers program into their malicious programs. Many rogue anti-spyware programs push their bogus products onto computer users through ads and popups in an attempt to get them to purchase the full version of the rogue software.

How do I protect myself from scams like this?

It is recommended that you use a removal guide or reputable anti-spyware software to remove any parasites installed from scams such as the one Ron Cooke was running. Users should not click on suspicious popups or ads that are received through messenger programs unless you are 100% sure of the source. Many hackers use your current contacts in messenger programs to trick you into clicking on links, popups or ads. In all cases you must use caution and common knowledge gained from recent reports of spyware infections.

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