The Registry Sentinel Removal Guide

Do you know what The Registry Sentinel is?

The Registry Sentinel is a fake registry repair program known to be part of the Your Web Safe group of rogue anti-spyware programs. The Registry Sentinel, like other programs in the Your Web Safe family of fake applications, uses elicit tactics to get you to purchase the full version of the Registry Sentinel program. The Registry Sentinel does this by locking you into a purchase page where this page cannot be closed unless the program is actually purchased. The Locker.exe file runs on your computer causing this to happen.

In non-techie terms: There is no doubt in our mind that The Registry Sentinel is part of a dirty family that is out to take your money in return for a big headache. The Registry Sentinel cannot be trusted and should not be purchased. You should remove The Registry Sentinel if you ever get to the locked.exe purchase screen which we believe is part of Troj_Ransom.B which is a dirty Trojan infection.

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