Privacy SafeGuard Removal Guide

Do you know what Privacy SafeGuard is?

Privacy SafeGuard is promoted as a browser extension which can provide you with protection against insecure websites, spyware, malware, and other threats while you are using Google Chrome. The EULA of the software claims that you will get security alerts about harmful websites you want to visit. The tool is said to guard over 300,000 websites that are notorious for stealing and selling your personal information. However, this tool has been observed to cause some trouble to computer users.

If you are one of those who constantly have to close annoying pop-up messages, then you should take care of the system and scan it immediately. The advertisements displayed are said to be customized in order to appeal to you needs; moreover, third party websites may set their cookies and monitor your actions.

Privacy SafeGuard can get into the system alongside free programs, whose legitimacy may be questionable. In order to remove unwanted programs and protect the system, you should scan the system with SpyHunter which will make sure that your privacy is protected.

Privacy SafeGuard also claims that it can help you browse the Internet without having your privacy violated; however, it monitors what websites you visit, what you are interested in, when your browsing session took place, and so on. The data collected may be used for research purposes or improving the services. Importantly, in the section “Privacy Policy” there is a highlighted line saying that the information can be shared to third parties:

We also share your information for the following purposes, which may include sharing with third party merchant partners, affiliates, and other persons or entities.

In non-techie terms:

In order to put an end to these activities, you should uninstall Privacy SafeGuard and scan the system with SpyHunter. This spyware removal tool will run an in-depth scan and remove computer infections which might not have been detected by other security tools of yours.

Aliases: PrivacySafeGuard.