PCTotalDefender Removal Guide

Do you know what PCTotalDefender is?

PCTotalDefender is a rogue anti-spyware program that is known to be related to AntiSpywareMaster, AntivirusForAll and Antispywaresuite which are all fake anti-spyware applications. PCTotalDefender is sometimes downloaded and installed without a computer users permission through the Zlob or Vundo Trojan infection.

PCTotalDefender is very dangerous in that it has the potential to download other malicious files onto your computer. PCTotalDefender may attempt to scan your system displaying totally erroneous results.

In non-techie terms: PCTotalDefender is nothing more than a deceiving program just like any other rogue anti-spyware application. PCTotalDefender's ultimate goal is to get you to spend your money on the full version of PCTotalDefender which does absolutely nothing for removal of spyware or improving the security of your system. Using PCTotalDefender is like going to a gun fight with an unloaded gun in your hand.

Do you have PCTotalDefender installed on your computer and cannot remove it? Do you get popup alerts from the PCTotalDefender program?

PCTotalDefender screen shot image:

Aliases: PCTotalDefender, PC Total Defender.

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