Pcoptimizer 2010 Removal Guide

Do you know what Pcoptimizer 2010 is?

Do not fall victim to Pcoptimizer 2010, a well known rogue antispyware application. This rogue software is also a clone of rogue antispyware application called PrivacyGuard 2010. This dangerous rogue is out to fleece consumers out of their money while offering nothing worthwhile in return. Lying to PC owners in order to gain their trust and make a successful sale of its worthless software, Pcoptimizer 2010 cannot be trusted.

Distributed via Trojan horse and malware infections, Pcoptimizer 2010 will start its attack on the system off by informing the user of fake security threats and infections being present on his system. Pcoptimizer 2010 will do this by instigating an unnecessary and unasked for system scan, which produces these bogus results.

This should simply never happen as Pcoptimizer 2010 is distributed by criminals, and paying for it will effectively be placing your sensitive billing information in the hands of unscrupulous criminals. Rather remove Pcoptimizer 2010 as soon as possible with the help of genuine antispyware software.

In non techie terms:

Pcoptimizer 2010 is a fake security program, and you need to delete it. Criminal developers designed Pcoptimizer 2010 with the express intent to defraud honest and unsuspecting consumers, and nothing about Pcoptimizer 2010 can ever be trusted.

Aliases: Pc optimizer2010, Pc optimizer 2010, Pcoptimizer2010.

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