PC Clean Pro Removal Guide

Do you know what PC Clean Pro is?

PC Clean Pro or PCCleaner Pro, is a fake anti-spyware program designed to look like a legitmate program that cleans parasites from your computer. We quickly find out that PC Clean Pro does not clean anything from your computer. PC Clean Pro makes you wonder why you just wasted 10 minutes of your time letting it scan your computer to find out that the scan results are bogus.

PC Clean Pro is a Pro at deceiving, not cleaning. We ask that you avoid downloading or installing PC Clean Pro because you may regret ever welcoming PC Clean Pro onto your computer's hard drive. PC Clean Pro may come from a trojan infection which can be downloaded through a fake video codec or malicious website.

In non-techie terms: Ever had a computer fail on your all of a sudden without any warning? Do you remember that feeling? Well PC Clean Pro may end up making you feel the same way after you have spent your hard earned money on the full version. Because PC Clean Pro does nothing for you will might as well have purchased a full tank of gas for a complete stranger. Do not make the mistake of installing or purchasing PC Clean Pro.

Aliases: PCClean Pro.

What happened to your computer when you found out that you had PC Clean Pro installed? Did you end up purchasing PC Clean Pro?

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