PC Security 2011 Removal Guide

Do you know what PC Security 2011 is?

Falling prey to the vicious lies sold by developers of rogue antispyware security applications as the truth can easily catch even experienced PC users, as the time and effort invested in these fake applications make it difficult to separate them from the Real McCoy. PC Security 2011 is a blatant clone of the harmful and despicable System Pro 2011. By taking into consideration the suspect products PC Security 2011 is associated with, along with its vicious nature, it’s no wonder why many users choose to destroy PC Security 2011 from their systems at the first opportunity. PC Security 2011 was designed exclusively to rip consumers off. It has no inclination or ability to detect, quarantine or remove any threats, and will stop at nothing to achieve its devious goals, even if it means causing irreparable damage to its victims’ PCs.

PC Security 2011 is forcefully delivered into the user’s PC through the aiding of fake online malware scanners and illicit browser hijacking websites which makes use of drive-by downloads. Users should steer well clear of these sites, and avoid downloading security updates and codecs from third party sites as PC Security 2011 is also known to bundle its Trojans and malware infections in these types of downloads. The PC owner will remain oblivious to PC Security 2011’s presence on his PC, until it reveals itself to him through the user of various nefarious and questionable fake security messages. These fake alerts form part of the baseline attack of PC Security 2011 on the system, and its purpose is to not only panic users, but to endear them to PC Security 2011. Avoid reacting to these messages, and not follow any instructions related therein. Some of these fake alerts read as follows:

"Scanning is complete. 4 infections were found, would you like to remove all?

"New threads were found
There are 4 undeleted threads. To remove all threads click to Remove All at main window."

"FlyAgent.F backdoor has been detected on your PC.

A Trojan that has backdoor capabilities.

It may perform certain actions based on the commands of a remote attacker. Commonly steals user credentials"

"Stealth intrusion!
Infection detected in the background. Your computer is now attacked by spyware and rogue software. Eliminate the infection safely, perform a security scan and deletion now. "

Users simply cannot trust any of these fake alerts. The poor spelling and many grammatical mistakes are indications enough that these fake alerts are suspect, and do not originate from a reliable source. Instead of reacting to these fake messages, rather delete PC Security 2011 from your PC for good.

If you find yourself redirected to PC Security 2011’s online payment portal, you need to get out of there! Do not complete the transaction, and never reveal your payment details to PC Security 2011’s online payment portals. Criminals run these payment sites, and you will have no control over what they do with your sensitive personal information.

You simply have to get rid of PC Security 2011. To prevent the certain crippling damage that this rogue will bring to your system, get rid of PC Security 2011 immediately. Invest in a security application which will not only erase PC Security 2011 from the system, but also offer future protection against similar threats.

In non techie terms:

PC Security 2011 cannot be trusted. It is a fake security application which does not have the advertised abilities it claims to. PC Security 2011 is only out to scare PC owners, and fleece them out of their money. Make use of a powerful security tool to destroy PC Security 2011 from your PC before it destroys your system.

Aliases: PCSecurity2011, PCSecurity 2011, PC Security2011.