PC Repair Removal Guide

Do you know what PC Repair is?

It would seem as though the developers of FakeHDD rogue defragmenter have been hard at work on their latest rogue application, PC Repair. This rubbish rogue defragmenting application expertly copies the working of a real defragmenter in an effort to win the confidence of its victims, but this does not change the fact that it is unable to identify and fix any type of system error or problem.

PC Repair uses established forms of infection which include bogus online malware scanners, seditious browser hijacking websites and infected online flash ads. As soon as the rogue manages to securely root itself in the system PC Repair will start its attack by initiating a fake system scan. This fake system scan will inform the user that his system is being crippled by various errors and that PC Repair will be able to solve these errors only once the user pays for its worthless software.

Shortly following this PC Repair will spam the user with nonsensical fake alerts which will inform the user of the same thing. Only these fake alerts will not make sense, reading as follows:

Critical Error
Hard Drive not found. Missing hard drive.

Critical Error
RAM memory usage is critically high. RAM memory failure.

In the examples above the user is informed that his hard drive is missing, this cannot be accurate otherwise the PC would be unable to operate. This should already inform you that you are dealing with a fake application.

Other symptoms include users being unable to launch applications on the system, poor system performance and certain system folders’ contents being hidden from the user.

In order to limit the damage this rogue application will be able to cause and to restore your PC’s security and privacy destroy PC Repair with the help of a genuine and powerful security tool. This will not only erase PC Repair but protect your PC against similar attacks in future.

In non techie terms:

PC Repair is a fake defragmenter unable to live up to any of its promises. Take back control of your PC and destroy PC Repair with the help of a powerful security tool.

Aliases: PCRepair.