Online HD TV hijacker Removal Guide

Do you know what Online HD TV hijacker is?

Online HD TV hijacker is a toolbar that is supposed to help users download media files in HD and then watch various shows and programs online. However, a lot of user have reported having problems with this browser plug-in, because it could be related to browser hijackers. Actually, any toolbar can be misused to redirect users to malicious websites, or collect various personal data.

There are quite a few ways to install Online HD TV hijacker on your computer. It often comes bundled with freeware, so if you download programs from such websites as CouponDropDown or Dealcabby is its quite likely, that you will get Online HD TV hijacker installed as well, if you go through the installation process inattentively. It is also possible to download the toolbar at website, but at the time of writing it was impossible to acquire Online HD TV toolbar from the website. When we attempted to download the toolbar we received the following notification:

Unable to download product_download.php from
Unable to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later.

Torn TV is created using a platform that is known to be related to adware. What is more, it is related to backdoor Trojans that can exploit system vulnerabilities, allowing another malicious program to enter your computer.

Although Online HD TV hijacker is not a dangerous threat all by itself, it could lead to a serious system infection if it is not removed immediately. If you click on any advertisements that are displayed on your screen by Online HD TV hijacker you will definitely sooner or later download malicious programs onto your computer that will disrupt your system. Therefore, remove Online HD TV hijacker from your computer and secure it against similar applications.

In non-techie terms:

Online HD TV hijacker is a browser toolbar that is supposed to help you to download HD videos. However, this browser plug-in is related to a list of suspicious program, and thus it gets classified as a potential unwanted application. Acquire a reliable antimalware tool and remove Online HD TV hijacker from your computer right now.

Aliases: Online TV hijacker.