MyOSProtect.exe Removal Guide

Do you know what MyOSProtect.exe is?

Even though MyOSProtect.exe does not have a flashy interface and computer users often overlook its existence, malware researchers working in our internal lab warn that the removal of this adware helper is extremely important. As you probably understand already, adware helpers run alongside adware, or advertisement-supported software. This means that getting MyOSProtect.exe deleted is not the only removal operation you may need to conduct. Furthermore, this adware may be installed onto your PC packaged with other programs that you may have to eliminate. Are you overwhelmed by the removal of different programs? This report addresses the operation in a straightforward manner.MyOSProtect.exe Removal GuideMyOSProtect.exe screenshot
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Our researchers have discovered that MyOSProtect.exe in most cases runs with Adware.WebProtect. Web Protect for Windows is an application which promises to shield against different virtual security risks that computer users may face when browsing the web. Instead of doing what it is supposed to, this advert-supported program connects to the web, communicates to third-party advertisers and allows them represent highly questionable offers. The adware helper MyOSProtect.exe runs together with postcollect.exe and PCProtect.exe, and these files are responsible for updating software. Furthermore, MyOSProtect.exe has been discovered to use affected systems for BitCoin mining. This means that the developers of the program will use the resources of your operating system to generate virtual money. Needless to say, this is not the type of activity you should allow. Do you know how to remove MyOSProtect.exe and delete other undesirable software from the PC?

Users who choose the manual MyOSProtect.exe removal must know how to terminate processes and delete malicious files because the adware helper cannot be deleted in an easy manner. In fact, the uninstaller linked to WebProtect does not work, and this is only one of the many removal problems you may face. Of course, if you install automatic malware removal software, the pressure will be taken off of you, as the removal of all existing threats will be performed without your interference.

Delete MyOSProtect.exe

  1. Open the Task Manager and click the Processes tab.
  2. Select the undesirable process and then click the End Process button.
  3. Click OK and go to C:\Program Files\Web Protect\.
  4. Right-click and Delete the undesirable file.

In non-techie terms:

MyOSProtect.exe is an adware helper which may disrupt the running of the operating system and which may cause virtual security issues. We recommend that you delete MyOSProtect.exe from the Windows operating system as soon as possible. As not all computer users are experienced with the manual removal, the alternative of our choice is automatic malware removal software. A reliable malware remover will not only remove MyOSProtect.exe but will also delete the infections running alongside.

  • brittani

    The virus does not allow me to have internet connection. And it does not show up as a program to unistall. HELP!