MonaRonaDona Removal Guide

Do you know what MonaRonaDona is?

MonaRonaDona is a browser hijacker that was created to promote rogue anti-spyware. MonaRonaDona is mainly designed as a pushy marketing tool to push the parasite called Unigray AntiVirus onto computer users. MonaRonaDona uses sneaky tactics to get users to purchase fake anti-virus software and is potentially dangerous because it goes undetectable by other anti-virus programs. Unigray along with MonaRonaDona run hand-in-hand to make your computer use experience a real nuisance with annoying popups, false startup messages and slowing the performance of your computer.

MonaRonaDona is more than just a silly name for a painting, it is a very clever parasite that displays sarcastic messages. MonaRonaDona is installed from the Vundo Trojan infection which is usually downloaded through a video codec.

Do you ever get this message?

Hi, My name is MonaRonaDona. I am a Virus & I am here to Wreck Your PC. If you observe strange behavior with your PC, like program windows disappearing etc, it's me who is doing all this. I was created as a protest against the Human Rights Violation being observed throughout the world & the very purpose of my existence is to remind & stress the world to respect humanity.

The quote above is an example of a message from a computer that is infected with the Trojan that installs MonaRonaDona.

In non-techie terms: MonaRonaDona is similar to other spyware infections that come from a trojan infection. MonaRonaDona makes attempts to get users to purchase the Unigray Antivirus program which is malicious software. Do not under any circumstances purchase any type of software that MonaRonaDona promotes especially Unigray.

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