Miltipool Miner Removal Guide

Do you know what Miltipool Miner is?

Miltipool Miner is a new cryptocurrency miner that can be downloaded from Even though it has a website it can be downloaded from, it does not mean that it cannot enter computers without permission. Specialists say that this Trojan miner works the same in all the cases, so no matter how it has entered your system, we do not recommend keeping it installed. We cannot promise that the removal of this cryptocurrency miner will be a piece of cake because it does not have an uninstaller just like other untrustworthy applications. When software does not have an uninstaller, it means that it can only be deleted by erasing all its components one by one. This might not sound like a challenging task at first, but you should know that it might use randomly-named files, so their detection and removal might not be very easy.

Some users download Miltipool Miner consciously from its official website expecting that they could use it to mine cryptocurrency. Trojan miners can be used to mine all kinds of cryptocurrencies, including those popular ones like Bitcoin and Monero. Users can customize Miltipool Miner to mine digital currency too. For example, they can set the lowest/highest CPU temperature, the device that will be used to mine cryptocurrency, and even decide when to start/stop mining it themselves. Such applications have their drawbacks even though it might seem that they can help to earn some extra money. As long as Miltipool Miner stays installed and you keep it enabled, it will use your CPU power to mine cryptocurrency. As a consequence, your computer might become sluggish, it might take longer to open websites and find information on the web, and, finally, you might notice that some programs cannot start. In most cases, the majority of users who experience these symptoms are those who use older machines. There is one more reason Miltipool Miner should not be kept installed on the system. It might collect information about you without your knowledge. This will happen as long as this Trojan miner stays active on your system. It might be able to access some details that can identify you personally too. If it does this, you might experience privacy-related problems when this information is shared with third parties.Miltipool Miner Removal GuideMiltipool Miner screenshot
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Our team of experienced researchers has thoroughly analyzed Miltipool Miner and discovered a disturbing finding about it. It has turned out that this cryptocurrency miner might also travel bundled with other applications. Speaking specifically, it might be installed on your computer together with third-party tools designed to steal information from your computer. This might happen no matter where you download it from, which is one of the reasons we do not recommend installing Miltipool Miner on the system. Of course, you will not be informed about the installation of spying software, so it is usually too late when users find out about its presence, i.e. cyber criminals already have the personal information from users’ PCs in their hands. There are hundreds of beneficial-looking applications that might cause many problems, so you should be very careful. You should always keep security software enabled on your system too so that bad software would not have a chance to enter your system unnoticed.

As mentioned at the beginning, Miltipool Miner is not an ordinary program that has an uninstaller, so its removal will be quite complicated and will take some time. It does not mean that this Trojan miner cannot be removed. You will erase it by erasing all components it has manually. Alternatively, you can let an antimalware scanner to delete all files/folders automatically. The latter is the easiest way to remove any untrustworthy software, but you need to decide yourself how to erase Miltipool Miner.

Delete Miltipool Miner

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  2. Open Processes.
  3. Check the entire list of processes.
  4. Kill suspicious/unknown processes.
  5. Close Task Manager and open Windows Explorer.
  6. Check your Downloads (%USERPROFILE%\Downloads) folder, Desktop (%USERPROFILE%\Desktop), and Temporary Files (%TEMP%).
  7. Delete all suspicious files.
  8. Empty Recycle bin.
  9. Scan your system with an antimalware scanner to check whether you have removed Miltipool Miner completely.

In non-techie terms:

Miltipool Miner is a Trojan miner that might cause you problems even though it might seem at first that it will help you to earn some money. If you keep it active, it might steal information from your computer and make it sluggish. Therefore, if you ever find it installed on your system, delete it mercilessly. We want to tell you in advance that it will not be a piece of cake to delete a Trojan.