Microsoft Antivirus 2013 Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Microsoft Antivirus 2013 Virus is?

Microsoft Antivirus 2013 Virus is a browser hijacker that is responsible for distributing such rogues as Win 7 Antispyware Pro 2013, XP Antispyware Pro 2013 and other fake antivirus programs from the same family of threats. It manifests itself when you land on a hijacked webpage. The first thing that you will notice is a small dialog box that says:

Microsoft Antivirus 2013 has found critical process activity on your PC and will perform fast scan of system files!

You are supposed to close the website without clicking anywhere near the pop-up dialog box, because even if you click the close button, the fake system scan will be initiated automatically. Do not panic, because the scan that you see on your browser window is not real. You will probably notice that something is off, especially if you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista installed, because the scan performed by Microsoft Antivirus 2013 Virus has Windows XP explorer's interface.

What is more, it is not even a real "scan", but a flash animation that runs on Java SE Runtime Environment. Thus, you are being tricked that your computer is infected with the likes of Trojan-PSW.Win32, Adware.win32.winad, Trojan.Fakealert355 and other similar computer threats. Then Microsoft Antivirus 2013 Virus asks whether you want to remove them, and if you click the Remove All button, then you will initiate the download Win 7 Antispyware Pro 2013 or any similar rogue infection.
Microsoft Antivirus 2013 Virus Removal GuideMicrosoft Antivirus 2013 Virus screenshot
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Take note, that if you go all the way through the installation of Win 7 Antispyware Pro 2013 and other rogues from the same family, sooner or later they will block your Internet connection and will not allow you to run various programs. Thus, you have to prevent the infection from taking place, by closing the website that tries to perform a scan as Microsoft Antivirus 2013 Virus.

Acquire a reliable antimalware tool that performs a full system scan in order to check whether you are infected with any type of malware. It will help you to remove Microsoft Antivirus 2013 Virus and other rogues that might've been installed by it. Do not forget to safeguard your computer against future attacks and be careful what you click on while browsing the web!

In non-techie terms:

Microsoft Antivirus 2013 Virus is a browser hijacker that performs a fake malware scan online and then urges you to download a fake antivirus program onto your computer, you need to close the website immediately to avoid Microsoft Antivirus 2013 Virus and other threats. And perform a full system scan with a reliable antimalware program just in case, to see if you have caught any infection.

Aliases: Microsoft Antivirus 2013.