MalwarePro Removal Guide

Do you know what MalwarePro is?

MalwarePro is a recent rouge anti-spyware program that generates false positives to trick you into buying its full version. MalwarePro's inadequate detection scheme makes you believe that your computer system is full of harmful malware and it must be removed immediately or you're computer will be in danger. But the real deal is that if you use MalwarePro, you're allowing an unreliable anti-spyware program to take care of your computer's delicate system.

Ultimately the consequences of following through with the scan and removal of MalwarePro's scan results can be very dreadful. If you try to remove the malware with MalwarePro, the program will prompt you to purchase a full version of MalwarePro. MalwarePro deceptive tactics are a trap and do not under any circumstances purchase MalwarePro.

In non-techie terms: Distributors of trojans conduct illicit installation methods to extort money from you. It is all part of a trap to get you to purchase a full version of MalwarePro. Do not under any circumstances purchase MalwarePro as it is not a reliable anti-spyware software program.

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