MalwareCrush Removal Guide

Do you know what MalwareCrush is?


MalwareCrush is a rogue anti-spyware program that uses aggressive and annoying popup tactics to get you to purchase their full version of MalwareCrush. MalwareCrush usually installs itself into your PC through harmful malware and Trojans files that may have been downloaded though other system files such as codecs. If you download a video codec you're actually installing a Trojan onto your system.

Once your PC is infected with MalwareCrush the symptoms usually result in your PC displaying false security alerts on the windows taskbar. During the false security alerts MalwareCrush will install itself onto your computer without your knowledge or permission running the possibility of corrupting important data. When MalwareCrush does hit a roadblock it might be your bank account or personal information on your computer system. You do not want that to happen so guard yourself appropriately.

After MalwareCrush is actually installed on your system it will run automatic scans of your system displaying the scan results of malware and Trojan files that initially installed MalwareCrush. MalwareCrush will not give up with its task at hand, you will continue to get annoying warning messages until either you or your computer system decide to give in by slowing down, crashing, or just giving you a serious headache.

In non-techie terms: Distributors of trojans conduct illicit installation methods to extort money from you. It is all part of a trap to get you to purchase a full version of MalwareCrush. Do not under any circumstances purchase MalwareCrush as it is not a reliable anti-spyware software program.

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