Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware is?

Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware is one of the newest versions of Kraken Ransomware. Unfortunately, it does not differ much from its predecessor, as research has shown. In other words, this malicious application will also lock personal data on your computer if you ever encounter it. Encrypting files is not the only activity this computer threat performs. It also executes several commands on the affected computer, for example, it disables event logging and removes Shadow Copies of files on the affected computer once launched. Of course, the primary goal of any ransomware infection is to obtain money from users. This is what Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware will try to do as well. First of all, it will lock your personal files and then you will be asked to send money to get a key that can unlock them. Ransomware infections are threats that employ strong encryption ciphers to lock files on users’ computers, so we cannot promise that you will find many alternative methods to fix your data. It does not mean that you have to give the last penny you have to crooks in exchange for the decryptor. You could retrieve all your files from a backup if you have backed up personal data which was encrypted by Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware at least once.

Some malicious applications manage to enter computers unnoticed and then perform various malicious activities in the background without the users’ knowledge, but Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware does not try to hide itself. Once it infiltrates the computer, it locks files almost immediately. It will no longer be possible to access pictures, documents, music, and many other files that fall into the personal files category. Encrypted personal files are distinguished from those that are left unencrypted by appending the .onion extension to all of them. Usually, this is the first modification users notice together with the inability to access the majority of their files. Additionally, you should also find a ransom note opened on your screen. # How to Decrypt Files.html is dropped on users’ computers right after the ransomware infection encrypts files successfully. This file contains a ransom note explaining what the victim has to do to get his/her files back. First of all, you will be asked to write an email to Then, you will have to pay for the decryption. It seems that different versions of Kraken Cryptor Ransomware require a different amount of money. Speaking about Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware, you will be asked to pay 0.125 BTC, which equals 816 US dollars at today’s price. It might seem that paying money to cyber criminals is the only chance to get files back, and this might be true, because free decryption software is not available; however, you should still not rush to send money to cyber criminals – there is a possibility that you will spend money on the decryptor you will not even get.

The distribution of Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware is quite a mystery because this malicious application is quite a new threat and it is not distributed very actively yet. According to our experienced team of researchers, even though this ransomware infection is new, old distribution methods should be used to spread it. That is, researchers suspect that it should also be mainly spread via malicious emails. Most likely, you will encounter it after you open a malicious attachment. Theoretically, you might download malware from the web yourself if you are not careful enough as well.

You should delete Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware no matter how it has entered your system. Use below-provided instructions to delete it or simply perform a system scan with an antimalware scanner. Unfortunately, even the most powerful antimalware tool could not unlock files encrypted by this ransomware infection.

Remove Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware

  1. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  2. Open Processes.
  3. Kill processes that possibly belong to malware.
  4. Open Windows Explorer.
  5. Delete suspicious files from %USERPROFILE%\Desktop, %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, and %TEMP%.
  6. Delete # How to Decrypt Files.html dropped on your computer.
  7. Empty Recycle Bin.

In non-techie terms:

It is very likely that Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware is the one that has locked your files if they all have the .onion extension. It has been developed to obtain money from you, but you should not send a cent to its developer. Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware is considered a harmful threat, but, without a doubt, there are much more harmful infections available, so we cannot promise that you will prevent all new infections from entering the system alone if you could not protect your system against this crypto-threat. It does not mean that you cannot yourself improve the system’s protection against malware. You just need to install a security application on your PC.