JS/Nemucod.L Removal Guide

Do you know what JS/Nemucod.L is?

JS/Nemucod.L is a Trojan downloader that has been recently plaguing PC users with its malicious activities worldwide. From the very outset, it must be said that users who have been infected with this Trojan downloader should remove it immediately, because failure to do it might result in unforeseen consequences. Indeed, JS/Nemucod.L can perform many malicious activities which will be discussed in this article. Manual removal in not an option for this infection, so if you do not have an antimalware scanner, you should definitely get one. Nevertheless, we will discuss manual detection of this Trojan downloader.

If you think that you might have been infected with JS/Nemucod.L, you should check your computer for malicious files at C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Temp\xxxxx.exe. Our researchers have found that the random names for the executable can be 1246549.exe, 2865241.exe, and so on. The files could prove impossible to remove manually as you might not have administrative privileges to modify them. At any rate, you will not remove the infection by simply deleting its main executable, because it might have already downloaded additional Trojans. Therefore, you need an antimalware scanner to remove the multiple infections altogether.

JS/Nemucod.L is very similar to its predecessor JS/Nemucod.H, which is equally dangerous. However, this latest infection is known to download Trojans such as PWS:Win32/Fareit and Ransom:Win32/Crowti.A, but it can be easily reprogrammed to download any kind on Trojan. This Trojan downloader is known to be distributed via spam mail containing malicious attachments that are usually Microsoft Word files. These corrupted files have a built-in exploit to install JS/Nemucod.L as soon as you open them. So, we advise to always remove any spam mail you get.

In any case, once you get infected with JS/Nemucod.L it will try to connect to a remote host called davis.ru using port 80. If a connection is established the Trojan downloader might perform malicious activities, such as check for an Internet connection, download and run files, report a new infection to its author, receive configuration or other data, receive instructions from a hacker, search for your PC location, upload information taken from your PC, validate a digital certificate, and so on. Needless to say that JS/Nemucod.L could wreak havoc on your computer. It can steal personal information and even hijack your computer altogether.

JS/Nemucod.L is a very hazardous infection that you should remove immediately, since it can perform all kinds of malicious activities. However, manual removal is not an option. Therefore, we recommend that you get a powerful malware scanner, such as SpyHunter that could effectively remove this infection from your computer.

In non-techie terms:

JS/Nemucod.L is a Trojan downloader that could download Trojans that would severely compromise your system’s security. The downloader is known to be distributed via attachments to spam mail. Upon infection it could download Trojans such as PWS:Win32/Fareit, Ransom:Win32/Crowti.A or similar infections. Trojans could cause a lot of damage to your PC. They could, upload information taken from your PC, receive configuration or other data, receive instructions from a hacker, and so on. Therefore, we suggest that you should remove JS/Nemucod.L.