IronDefender Removal Guide

Do you know what IronDefender is?

IronDefender is a rogue anti-spyware application. IronDefender tends to spread via malicious Trojan infections, malicious downloads or it can be downloaded directly from its affiliated website. Similarly to most rogue programs, once inside a computer system, IronDefender will conduct a fake system scan. The scan will report fabricated results of an infestation of malware on the computer in question, followed by an excessive display of multiple pop-up advertisements, so you should remove IronDefender. All results concluded from the IronDefender scan are not to be trusted, and be sure to NOT fall prey to these tactics of persuasion.

In non-techie terms

DO NOT purchase this rogue application. The presence of IronDefender on a PC could very likely result in slow system operations, browser redirections and the disabling of Task Manager and System Restore. One should remove this dubious application as soon as it has been detected!

Aliases: Iron Defender.